Quality and Credibility

Kevin Trangle & Associates utilizes a panel of medical consultants from a variety of diverse backgrounds to provide credible, well-researched opinions of the highest quality to industries, consultants, attorneys, agents, adjusters and other professionals.

A Focus on What Matters

KTA focuses on cases related to complex chemical exposure, cancer, respiratory problems, reactive airway disease, occupational asthma, work–related dermatitis and complex multi-organ and multi-system disability, as well as long-term and return-to-work disability matters.

A Commitment to Safety

KTA consults with companies to set up occupational medicine programs that are designed to maximize compliance with OSHA and other safety programs. KTA provides the most cost-effective disability management possible, provides healthcare cost containment and promotes corporate wellness programs.

Superior Medical Expertise. Proven Value.

Discover why more than 3,000 law firms trust Kevin Trangle & Associates.

The KTA Network

Kevin Trangle & Associates works with many specialists who are accredited and board certified in a vast array of specialty areas. By working with a panel of additional experts, KTA gives its clients access to a scope of expertise that is sufficient to address nearly every kind of potential disability and injury.

Our network of medical experts are highly credentialed, well known in their fields, and affiliated with distinguished local institutions, such as the University Hospital Health Systems of Cleveland. When appropriate, KTA also reaches out to international specialists and medical professionals from around the globe, giving clients access to a network of physicians and consultants from nearly every medical specialty. 

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What our clients say

"...in each case, Dr. Trangles opinions were well supported and well reasoned. Reports were provided on a timely basis and were detail oriented."

Joseph C. Derosa, Attorney

"Kevin Trangle & Associates truly understands Workers' Compensation. Their independent medical examinations focus on the interaction of medical and legal concepts. Kevin Trangle & Associates' reports address issues directly, as well as being properly researched and well written. Kevin Trangle & Associates has been of enormous assistance to my clients over the years."


"Few IME providers have the skills for complex environmental and toxicology cases, which require thorough analysis, grounded research and well thought out reports. Kevin Trangle & Associates has the expertise that our clients require. Our firm works with them regularly, and the results have been outstanding."


"As Millennium Chemicals medical director, Dr. Trangle has assisted us in managing our OSHA recordables, lost time injuries and improving the health of our work force. We have enjoyed outstanding success, record low recordable injuries, more than 5 million labor hours of no lost time injuries, and receipt of the OSHA VPP award. Additionally, we avoid significant costs by having a very proactive disability management program. We have even been able to decrease our health care costs in an environment of rising medical expenses."


"My clients count on me to give them solid legal advice and direction in all claims, but especially so in those complex claims where the disciplines of the law and medicine interact. That is why I rely upon Dr. Kevin Trangle on my most complex and difficult cases. His objective, independent judgment and analysis enables me to confidently provide my clients with a sound opinion on which they can rely. This is true whether the claim is compensable or not. I am more than confident in advising my clients on certification or rejection of claims when I have the solid and sound expertise of Dr. Trangle as a component in my analysis. Dr. Trangle's independence and objectivity give me the confidence I need to analyze and assist my clients and their employees in the most critical medical aspects of their claims."