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Whether you’re an attorney for the plaintiff or the defendant, Kevin Trangle & Associates offers access to a number of resources to help you in choosing or deposing an expert witness.

Our Resources Include:

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How to Choose an Expert Witness

medical legal consulting

Choosing an expert witness can be a tiresome – but very important – process. Using an experienced expert witness who provides thorough and credible evaluations is only the first step. How the expert witness presents themselves to the public in a deposition, to a judge and to a jury are also considerations.

When to use a Life Care Plan

Certified life care planner services

A Life Care Plan document provides an organized, concise plan of estimated reasonable and necessary (and reasonably certain to be necessary) current and future healthcare needs with the associated costs and frequencies of medications, goods and services and is developed for individuals who have experienced a catastrophic injury or have chronic healthcare issues.

For a detailed list of common injuries or chronic healthcare needs that require a Life Care Plan, download our free guide on "When to use a Life Care Plan."

Deposition Questions

Expert testimony or expert witness services

Our medical experts at Kevin Trangle & Associates are often called to give a deposition of their medical evaluation. Typically, each attorney in a case – the plaintiff’s attorney and the defendant’s attorney – will present a medical expert’s evaluation that supports their case. The medical expert who has evaluated medical records in the case can be asked to explain their analysis in a deposition. Deposing a medical expert can be challenging for an attorney. One way to ensure the medical expert answers key questions is to prepare an outline of questions beforehand.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Under the Trump Presidency

There is a supposition that with a Republican in office, particularly with President Trump who is averse to regulations and rules, that not only the EPA will decrease regulations and enforcement, but also the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may likewise follow its sister agency.

Life Care Planning and When to Use it

What is a Life Care Plan is, the uses of a Life Care Plan, and more importantly, how you can employ this tool to further the interest of your client, whether it be an individual who is injured, a corporation, or an insurance firm defending against a claim.

Abuse, Company Policy, and Litigation for Both Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs

What it means in terms of accidents on the road, what it means in terms of the workplace and drug screening policies, and what it means in general for the employment situation.

Failed Back Syndrome & Return to Work

Failed Back Syndrome, often referred to as post-laminectomy syndrome, typically means an individual has had back surgery and is still receiving significant pain 12 months later.

Biomechanics of Injury

The biomechanics of injury, primarily about neck injuries which are commonly known as whiplash. In this video we talk about the mechanics of neck injuries, both from an engineering as well as a medical perspective.

Drugs, Addiction in the Workplace, & Substance Abuse Programs

Narcotics, opiates and the drug addiction problem, an issue that is prevalent in the workplace and society in general. I would like to share an approach on how we take care of people with addiction problems.

Trauma, Ringing Ears & Tinnitus

Tinnitus, Ringing in the Ears, and other kinds of noises. In this video I talk about a very common problem afflicting around 10% of the US population.

Medical Legal Trade Secrets - Waddell Tests

Waddell's tests (commonly called Waddell's signs) are 5 different categories of signs that are used to identify that there are secondary issues that are't physiological issues.

Herniated Disc and Spinal Degenerative Disc & Bone Disease

In this video, Dr. Kevin Trangle uses diagrams and a model of a spine to describe the difference between a disc extrusion, a disc protrusion, and a disc herniation.

Medical Bill Payment and Bates Issues

In this video, Dr. Kevin Trangle explains medical billing and the involvement of medical experts in performing an audit and medical bill review.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)

In this video, Dr. Kevin Trangle discusses the classification, treatment, and progression of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Environmental Medical Expert Deposition: Chemical Exposure in the Workplace Case

In this video deposition, Dr. Kevin Trangle answers questions regarding a case where his medical expert opinion was that chemical exposure in the workplace caused Reactive Airway Disease – a condition that would lead to $20,000 in annual medical expenses.

Medical Legal Brochure

Medical Legal Brochure

Kevin Trangle & Associates’ (KTA’s) Medical Legal Consulting program is a service provided to attorneys, insurance companies, third party administrators, pension fund adjudicators, risk managers and any other person or agency in need of an objective medical review from seasoned practitioners and specialists. For more information about our service and our network of specialists, scroll down to request a brochure.

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Case Study

Chemical Exposure in the Workplace

In this video deposition, Dr. Kevin Trangle answers questions regarding a case where his medical expert opinion was that chemical exposure in the workplace caused Reactive Airway Disease – a condition that would lead to $20,000 in annual medical expenses.

What our clients say

" each case, Dr. Trangles opinions were well supported and well reasoned. Reports were provided on a timely basis and were detail oriented."

Joseph C. Derosa, Attorney

"Kevin Trangle & Associates truly understands Workers' Compensation. Their independent medical examinations focus on the interaction of medical and legal concepts. Kevin Trangle & Associates' reports address issues directly, as well as being properly researched and well written. Kevin Trangle & Associates has been of enormous assistance to my clients over the years."

Donald E. Lampert, Attorney, Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP

"Few IME providers have the skills for complex environmental and toxicology cases, which require thorough analysis, grounded research and well thought out reports. Kevin Trangle & Associates has the expertise that our clients require. Our firm works with them regularly, and the results have been outstanding."

Christopher Wincek, Attorney

"As Millennium Chemicals medical director, Dr. Trangle has assisted us in managing our OSHA recordables, lost time injuries and improving the health of our work force. We have enjoyed outstanding success, record low recordable injuries, more than 5 million labor hours of no lost time injuries, and receipt of the OSHA VPP award. Additionally, we avoid significant costs by having a very proactive disability management program. We have even been able to decrease our health care costs in an environment of rising medical expenses."

Jim Norris, Manager, Safety Health & Environment, Millennium Chemicals

"My clients count on me to give them solid legal advice and direction in all claims, but especially so in those complex claims where the disciplines of the law and medicine interact. That is why I rely upon Dr. Kevin Trangle on my most complex and difficult cases. His objective, independent judgment and analysis enables me to confidently provide my clients with a sound opinion on which they can rely. This is true whether the claim is compensable or not. I am more than confident in advising my clients on certification or rejection of claims when I have the solid and sound expertise of Dr. Trangle as a component in my analysis. Dr. Trangle's independence and objectivity give me the confidence I need to analyze and assist my clients and their employees in the most critical medical aspects of their claims."

Robert Blackham, Attorney, Roetzel & Andress Co., LPA