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Kevin Trangle & Associates' (KTA) medical-legal experts are providing Nationwide Insurance with helpful digital discussion resources including "Radio-Frequency Ablation," "Spinal Cord Stimulators," and "How to Choose an Expert Witness" as well as the opportunity to ask Dr. Trangle questions. Learn about how to choose a medical expert or how to depose a Medical Expert and more.

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Digital Discussions:
Radio-Frequency Ablation, Spinal Cord Stimulators & How to Choose an Expert Witness

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Superior medical expertise. Proven results.

Kevin Trangle & Associates (KTA) works with experienced medical experts from a variety of specialty areas to deliver well-reasoned opinions for legal proceedings and case management decisions. KTA is able to provide medical evaluations, in-depth medical analyses, thorough reports and medical expert witness testimony throughout the United States.

Kevin Trangle & Associates (KTA) offers expert legal medical consulting services

Complex Disability Cases

  • Devices & Implant Analysis
  • Life Care Planning
  • Medical Cost Analysis
    • Including UCR
  • Permanent or Total Disability Assessments
  • Fitness for Duty Assessments

Occupational Medicine

  • Disability & Absenteeism Management
  • Consulting Medical Director
  • Return to Work & Fitness for Duty Programs
  • Healthcare Cost Containment
  • OSHA compliance & Standards
  • Environmental Medical


  • Medical Record Reviews
  • Expert Testimony
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Complex Disability
  • Environmental Medical
  • Life Care Planning
  • Medical Cost Analysis
    • Including UCR